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With your help, HAVEN is able to continue the safety net of services offered to our friends, neighbors, and family in our community who are in need.  These necessary services are critical to the healing process and offer survivors a precious gift- the gift of hope.  Check out the opportunities below to see how you can help HAVEN and our clients achieve freedom from domestic and sexual violence!


A quick, easy way to help us achieve our goals can be found through donations.  Find out more about what we accept and the process of giving to HAVEN by clicking the button below!


Sometimes the most meaningful gift you can offer another is the gift of time. HAVEN provides a variety of opportunities for you to offer one of your most precious commodities to those in need.


If you are looking for ways to help us out, check out this list of some fundraising ideas that have been done in the past or have been done by other non-profits.  Maybe one will fit perfectly with your club or organization's mission and will help raise much needed cash so that HAVEN can continue helping those in crisis throughout Tioga County.  Please contact us if you would like to partner with HAVEN in fundraising efforts.


Help with a current fundraiser-

civic groups, youth groups, and scouts can help promote, sell,

or volunteer at, a fundraiser HAVEN is holding.

Dinners -

chicken and biscuits, spaghetti, pizza,

or even a sundae or dessert bar!


Dance Party


Art Auction

Bake Sale

Car Wash

"Free Me" Fundraiser -

send one of your beloved teachers, professors, bosses, etc,

to "jail" and require people to donate enough "bail" to free them.

Tea Party -

complete with fancy hats, cookies, and pinkies in the air

Breakfast with _____ (Santa, Easter Bunny, etc)


Use your imagination and think of the ways you'd love to become involved with helping an organization like ours out, then do that thing! Chances are, if you enjoy something, others probably will too.  Just charge a small admission price and make that donation! 


Ideas for raising money don't have to conform to usual fundraisers. Try something new and creative!

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