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Stop by, call, email... there are a variety of ways that you can get in contact with us!

Any return emails from an advocate will be kept vague in case the email is intercepted by an abuser. Please let us know of a safe method (telephone, email, etc) and time of contact in your message.  To ensure safety and confidentiality, please call us directly at 1-800-550-0447.

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Our Staff:

Executive Director: Machelle

Machelle has been part of HAVEN's team since 2007. She is always happy to provide a listening ear, support, and help a survivor identify and understand the feelings he/she has about their relationship and abuse. She is passionate about empowering survivors and believes that when given options, having support, and a safe place to talk things through - everyone is able to make their best decision.  Machelle is enthusiastically dedicated to HAVEN’s mission of providing services to empower those affected by domestic and sexual violence through confidential care, advocacy, prevention, and intervention.  She is excited to continue advocating for victims of abuse at a local level, and seeks to inspire community awareness and an enduring safe community. 



Attorney: Melody

Melody is a highly skilled attorney at HAVEN. Her work is always FREE to our clients. NOTE: she will only provide the legal representation for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Her services will not extend to custody, divorce, or anything unrelated to domestic and sexual violence. If you are a survivor of domestic and/or sexual abuse and wish to file for custody or support on your own, one of HAVEN’s employees can assist you in filling out the paperwork and will accompany you to the hearing if you wish.

Therapist: Liz

Liz is the creator of our newest client service. She has created our Mental Health therapy service for survivors and their families. The service, known as “A New Leaf” will be available for those in need. The most exciting news about this service is that it is at NO cost to the client!

Advocate: Meghan

Meghan is always there to listen or offer a kind smile. She loves helping anyone in need who comes through HAVEN's door

Advocate: Latricia 

Tricia enjoys working with diverse clients and providing them with the best care and support she can possibly offer. 

Advocate: Tressa  

Enjoys assisting clients with their plans for the future. She finds enjoyment out of seeing our clients thrive.

Community and Systems Advocate: Jennifer

Jennifer enjoys going out in the community and speaking with members on various topics and ideas on how to end Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. 



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