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24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-550-0447

HAVEN of Tioga County offers services to those who are affected by domestic violence or sexual assault, regardless of ability, race, religion, creed, gender identity, gender expression, sovereignty, Title IX, ethnicity, color, national origin, marital status, age, class, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or preference, culture, language, education, or HIV status.
All HAVEN services are FREE and confidential. 

HAVEN Offers...

  • 24 Hour Abuse Hotline:  1-800-550-0447

  • ​Individual and Legal Advocacy

  • Empowerment and Options Counseling

  • Medical/Legal Accompaniment

  • Safety Planning

  • Assistance in obtaining a Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) through the courts.

  • Children's Services

  • Assistance Filing Crime Victims Compensation Claims

  • FREE School and Community Programs

  • Information and Referrals

  • Free, Temporary Emergency Housing

  • Telecounseling

  • Relocation Assistance

  • Short-term trauma therapy

A New Leaf .jpg

HAVEN offers trauma therapy for survivors and their families.

The service, known as “A New Leaf” will be available for those in need. This service is at NO cost to the client! 

With the ability to provide this service, we are one step closer to helping abuse and violence end now.

HAVEN is in need of items

Some items we are looking for are...

Gift Cards:

Grocery gift cards

Gas gift cards

Dollar General 


Hair Brushes/Hair ties/clips/bobbypins

Toilet Paper

Fingernail Clippers


Deodorant for all genders 

Childcare/Family Items:

Baby Wipes

(Young)Children's books

Board Games/card games



Canned Goods

Non-perishable food items

Grocery gift cards

Cleaning Products:

Laundry Detergent

Dish Soap

Room Spray

Magic Eraser

Glade Plug-in

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol Wipes

Paper Towels



Ice Melt

Postage Stamps

Twin and Queen Sheets

Towel sets

First Aid Kits


Adult & Children's Over The Counter medicines (Tylenol, Advil, etc.)

Join our Team!

 HAVEN is looking for new team members! We are looking for people in our community who would be in great support of HAVEN and our mission.  Please consider becoming a Board member or volunteer if you are, or  have experience in any of the following ways:

  • A Community leader

  • Bank professional

  • Accountant

  • Law enforcement official

  • Active in the medical field/community

  • A school official

  • Educator

  • Very involved with the faith community

  • Active in a civic organization

  • University personnel (staff or faculty)

  • Marketing professional

  • Experienced in the Non-profit sector

  • Enjoy innovation and implementation of fundraising

  • A Business Person

  • A Writer

  • Graphic design

  • Human rights activist 

  • Researcher

  • Legal counsel 

  • Community member who supports HAVEN and could contribute a great deal of input, leadership, and assistance with fulfilling HAVEN's mission

  • **This list is not inclusive!

 2021-22 Fiscal Year Annual Report!

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