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Room Sponsors make a huge difference in the lives of families in a tangible way. Sponsors not only help families while they are at HAVEN, but as they continue on their journey towards a life free of violence.

When you sponsor a room, you are able to give each family who moves into that room the following:

  • Fresh bedding for every bed (including linens, pillows, and comforters)

  • Fresh towel sets for each member of the family

  • Toiletries

  • An alarm clock

  • Lamps

  • Hampers for dirty and clean clothes

  • A waste paper basket

  • Access to fully-appointed kitchen, living room, laundry room, and play area

Your sponsorship also covers the cost to maintain and prepare the room for more families to move in. This includes touch-up painting and other minor repairs.  Upon leaving to start their new life, we also provide each sponsored room family with a Fresh Start Basket which includes necessary cleaning products and comfort items.

Upon sponsorship, a plaque is placed beside the door of the room with your name and your anniversary sponsorship date in honor of the huge impact you are making in the lives of the many families who will use that room.

Remember that your 6 month sponsorship will help multiple individuals, as well as families.  Giving people from all walks of life a chance at rebuilding their lives, free from fear or violence.

All rooms are sponsored on a semi-annual, renewable basis.  Donate now via Paypal, or stop by our office to sign up using other methods!


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